email address in profile

  • Hi,

    I've just noticed that my email address is shown at the top of my profile page and thought I'd flag it up.

    Is the email address shown to all users who visit a profile page or just for me because I'm logged in as that user?

    I've looked for a way to hide the address in the 'settings' but couldn't see one. I did this not because I'm particularly concerned about other users seeing my email (it's a very civilized forum :-), but with all the malicious bots lurking around and fishing for email addresses, I think having your address display fully like this on a webpage isn't the best idea in the world.

    Your thoughts?

  • administrators

    It probably has a eye with a line through next to it that means "hidden" A normal logged in user, when looking at your profile sees this:


    So its not displayed.

  • Cool, thanks @t3p3tony!