loosing X/Y/Z Homing position,strange layer thicknes on prints

  • Hello,

    I have a problem with the homing position.. iam losing my homing positions during print this means when iam printing a part with 2 colours it wont change the filament at X0 and Y0.. what could this be? Lost Voltage ?

    the other thing is that some layers are thicker than others and its not a z wobble.. sometimes its every third layer and sometimes every fourth.. I tightened everything and nothing can move right now.. i printet a extrusion multiplier test shape and it turned out excellent but when i print a calibration cube it looks not good i will send some pictures.

    the last thing is G32 wont correct my bed.. everytime i have before probing a derivation of 0.4mm and after calibration i have 0.35

    today its my 3rd month struggling with this printer and i have no clue what to do...

  • does nobody know why iam losing my homing positions? while printing they turn from blue to yello and i have no clue why

  • The end of your print file probably has a M84 in it which turns the drives off. Or somewhere in the gcode file.

    Eliminate that part in your slicing software or edit it out on each program you slice.

    Which slicer are you using?

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    As well as M84, M18 also turns the motors off. Whenever the motors are turned off, the firmware assumes that it no longer knows where the print head is. So check whether you have M18 or M84 in your GCode.

    The other (less likely) possibility is that the firmware is resetting. To rule this out, run M122 and check the "Last reset" time and cause in the report.

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