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    I have created a Wiki Page documenting how to use DWC for new users:


    I imagine most people on this forum who have been using their boards for a while now are comfortable using DWC, this is really focused at brand new users. I would appreciate a few eyes cast over it if anyone has a chance, in case I have left out important points or typoed.

  • Great, except, um, how do you upload files? I dont seem to be able to. I get an error so can you add how to make it allowed I can upload? ie I must be missing doing something.

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    Which browser are you using, and what error message are you getting?

  • Hi Tony,

    I've had a quick look through. Looks good and I'm sure it will be a great resource. As you have asked for a few eyes to check for typos etc, Here is what I noticed:-

    In the following sentence, the bit after the first open bracket doesn't make much sense to me.

    Quote …....
    In this image the tool choices for heater 1 are shown as T0 and T2 (due to the specific [[[Configuring multiple independent X-carriages on a Cartesian printer| dual independent X axis printer setup]], just having 1 tool per heater is normal).

    ….......end of Quote

    I believe the plural of axis is axes (at least in English it is). So it ought to be changed in this line .......

    "Before some axis can be moved they must be homed, the rules depend on the printer configuration but it is best practice to ensure all axis are homed before moving them".
    ..........End of quote.

    There are few other places where the singular "axis" is used for the plural (axes) too.

    I think this


    The Gcode Files page allow for gcode files from printing to be uploaded...........

    ..........end of Quote

    Ought to be changed to "The Gcode Files page allows for Gcode files for printing …....

    Further on "Files can be drag and dropped in to sub directories for organisation" ought to be "Files can be dragged and dropped….."

    and also in this line "Macros can be ordered into sub directories and drag and dropped"

    This line didn't make much sense to me and IMO would confuse a new user

    "Also on this page are setting for DWC in the browser communicating with the RepRapFirmware running on the Duet".
    ........end of quote

    In the sentence after that "The default communications setting ............." might read better if it were "The default communication settings......."

    I think in this sentence "Changes to other system macros such and the homeing,........." you mean "such as" rather than "such and"

    I think also that here "Currently these additions and removals don't persist through hardware resets to it is recommended to add tools using the config.g file as described…." the underlined "to" should be a "so".

    That's all I managed to spot and I'm only posting this because you asked for input. There are a few places where I'd probably use a full stop rather than a comma but that's just being pedantic.



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    Thanks, very helpful! I will update it later today.

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