Adding control to tool with 2 heaters (IDEX Ditto)

  • Can there be a change to how Paneldue controls the heaters for tools with multiple heaters as in IDEX ditto printing?

    I have tool 2 set up for ditto printing and I know the current Paneldue firmware won't display the heater temp adjustment box under the tool. Can it be added, just showing one temperature that can be clicked on to adjust it?

    Right now I go to the console screen and type in G10 P2 S210 to make T2 210C (on both heaters).

    Just looking for a more consistent way to set temps. Even the DWC shows 2 temperatures for my T2 when really one Temp is enough since you can see the real values on T0 and T1 anyway.

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    It's on my list to use a separate popup for displaying/selecting tools and heaters, so that shared heaters and tools with multiple heaters can be managed more flexibly. But that won't be in the forthcoming 1.21 release.

    If you use only a few different temperatures, you could set up macro buttons to set those temperatures.

  • @dc42 Thanks David.
    Just putting the request out there ☺

    I like the pop up screen idea for controlling tools. 👍

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