Extruder clicks, but only in one direction

  • Hello guys,
    I got a quite strange issue. After a long print my extruder stopped working (skipped). I thought that I had a nozzle blockage, and cleaned everything several times. After that its also didnt work.

    I then tried to extrude without filament running trough the hotend and it still "clicks". So the issue seems to be on that side. I got a Titan extruder, I disassembled everything a few times, but still the same issue. The funny thing though is, that is only clicks when I extrude. Retract is working fine.

    Does anyone of you guys know what could cause that problem?

  • Could be the known issue of the bearings failing

  • Yep, sounds like bearing failure. How strong are you running your spring tension?

    You don't need a lot of tension to feed filament. I run mine about a third of the way in on nut. Keeping with that gains me long bearing life.

    Check both bearings on the large gear, One of them is probably wrecked.

  • I've checked that, but i cant really see any damage. But on the other hand I don't really know what else could cause this issue.

    Tension is prettly low max is also about 1/3 of the way.

  • Are the connections to the extruder stepper motor good? No bad crimps? That would usually make the stepper "rattle" instead of click but it's worth a look.

    Or the stepper motor just doesn't have enough torque to drive the filament anymore? Crank up the current or the temp on the nozzle to see if it changes at all.

  • It has to be related to the extruder itself. I even tried a different motor, different cable and also switched to the second extruder ouput on the duet.

    Everytime the same issue, the big gear in the Titan skips, so not the filament. All tested without any filament running trought the hotend.

    I've wrote a mail to e3d and my reseller hope I get a new one or the necessary parts.

  • Hey guys, just wanted to update here.
    I got new parts from E3D and now everything runs smooth again, so it was related to the bearing gate issue.

    Thx for the tip with the bearing gate.

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