Setting up mixing hot ends such as the Diamond

  • In conjunction with Tony, I've created a guest blog post on Think3dPrint3d, which aims to cover all the aspects of setting up and using a mixing hot end such the Diamond, with Duet electronics. Here is link

    Tony plans to adapt it to a Wiki page as well, when he gets time.

    Hope others will find the info useful.


  • Nice write up Ian might have to get my self a cyclops heatblock and convert my Chimera?


  • Hi Doug,

    Having a single nozzle makes life sooooo much easier. My first excursion into colour printing was with 3 hot ends on a RRP Mendel and compared to that, the Diamond is a great improvement. Does the Cyclops use standard (changeable) nozzles ? - it looks like it does. That would be a good feature to have. I haven't tried some of the more exotic filaments with the Diamond because it's a brass nozzle and can't be changed if it wears. Shame the Cyclops only has 2 inputs though, and I'm guessing that, like the Diamond, it won't actively mix.


  • yes it does use std E3D V6 nozzles and is a lot lighter/more compact than a diamond as for mixing I'm not sure the drawings of the heater block like like it will do a bit of mixing but not to certain not exactly the cheapest thing tho at £40 + the dreaded just for the blocm never mind anything else but it does look like it will be a damn sight easier to clean out if needed?

    will keep you informed if/when I do it


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    The cyclops is like the diamond in the sense that while it's multiple inputs, a single output, it does not mix the filaments actively so you get different Colo in different sides of the print

  • The Cyclops is not compatible with standard V6 nozzles, that's one of the reason I am holding off buying it.
    I am pretty interested in getting a Diamond hotbed for my Kissel though.

  • Jackel you are right I hadn't spotted that it puts a different perspective on it?


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