Expansion Pin(s) Amperage

  • I'm looking to power a raspberry pi through the extension points 1) and 2) for the 5V and ground. The pi has amp requirements though, and I have not been able to find out what the amp flow through the expansion pins is.

    Does anybody know?

  • administrators

    Neither the expansion pins nor the 5V regulator on the Duet have the capacity to handle the peak current draw of an RPi.

  • Thanks for the response. Is there a pinout diagram, or information on what the amp capability is for pins or 5V regulator? Just curious about the expansion capability.

  • administrators

    Pinout diagrams are on the wiki. The 5V regulator is rated at 2A but this has to cover the current draw of the Duet itself as well as anything to connect to the expansoin connector and/or the panelDue connector.

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