Daughter board with 0-10V output

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    We're considering making a new daughter board for the Duet WiFi/Ethernet to provide a 0-10V analog output. This appears to be the most common type of control signal input required by variable frequency drives (e.g. for CNC spindle motors) and some other control devices.

    If this would be useful to you, please say so in this thread. Also, please state any special requirements you have. For example, is a single 0-10V output sufficient, or do you need more than one?

  • That would be great!

  • Usually the VFDs also have inputs for rotation sense. It is either CW/CCW or FOR/REV. Usually those require low current relays shorting the input pins of the VFD to a ground pin. For most CNC spindles those are not really necessary, but for most generic daughter board I think they should be included.

    Also, most VFDs provide themselves the 10V (or whatever voltage is corresponding to the highest RPM/frequency). So if the board is designed to has its own 10V power supply, it should be configurable between internally generated and externally provided.

    From what I have seen with other supplier of controllers, they usually have a board with two relays for the FOR/REV signals and an optocoupler with a low-pass filter for the 0-10V control signal.

  • If real estate on the board allows supporting the 4-20mA would be useful as it is also popular with PLC systems and allows better fault detection.

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