Hypercube build problems - bowden, simplify3d

  • Hello, I have got massive problems with my hypercube using Duet wifi.
    First of all, it's for sure my fault, not Duet3D's but I don't know how to fix these problems myself.


    • 300x300x500 mm, for testing reasons only 200x200x200 mm are enabled.

    • Mainboard: Duet3D wifi

    • Material: 1.75 mm PLA at 200 degrees

    • Extruder: Bowden (60cm), E3D clone with Nema17

    • Circuits: 24 V for the electronics, 12 V for the fans

    • Heatbed: 500 W regulated by mosfet

    • Frame: 3030 Aluminium extrusion

    • Printing platform: Selfmade, from bottom to top: Heatbed, 5mm aluminium plate, carbon fiber plate 2 mm, bluetape

    • Bed-Probe: IR Sensor by DC42

    My problems are:

    • Bowden extruder: As soon as a print is started (after the first layer), the PLA seems to be stuck in the hotend. While pushing filament through the disconnected PTFE-Tube or through the heated nozzle with no print started, it works flawlessly. This problem leads to a massive underextrusion while printing but only occurs after the first (few) layer(s).
    • Height of the nozzle: Even tough I'm using the DC42 IR probe, printing the first layer is not smooth. I have to adjust the Z-height by Z-Baby-Stepping often while printing...
    • Speed: The printing head does not accelerate smooth. At the start of a movement it's very very slow which leads to an overextrusion while executing small movements. (if there's enough PLA extruded...)
    • Extruder-motor: There are often squeezing noises coming from the gear while printing (at these moments when it seems that the hotend is clogged while printing). But as soon as the PTFE-Tube is removed from the hotend everything works just fine... The length of the extruded PLA through the disconnected PTFE-Tube was also measured and is correctly as expected.

    I hope that you have some ideas what could technically be causing these problems. Because my knowledge ends here and I can't fix it myself. I don't know if I set up the Duet, the IR probe or simplify3d wrong or all of them..? Also bed probing is slow. (or at least the movements of the print head including the z-axis movement). How could this be accelerated?

    Thanks for anyone reading this and trying to help me 🙂

    Attached: Simplify3D settings, (factory, fff), config.g, bed.g
    (you have to rename the extension of the Simplify3d_factory.g file to Simplify3d_factory.factory and the extension of the Simplify3d_fff.g to Simplify3d_fff.fff to open them in Simplify3D because it isn't allowed to use these types of extensions here)

  • I have had that problem in the past, it most likely is fan not cooling enough above the tip and you are to close the the bed when printing and the filament is backing up in the hotend and then will not extrude or extrude enough..

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