Duet HW says it is connected, but SW will not connect

  • I was able to connect my duet before, but now I cannot. I changed the config.g and it all booted up fine and connected, but now it will not let me connect to it. my user name and password are correct. and as you can see the hardware seems to be working, but I cannot get this thing to connect and stay connected.0_1528695619266_20180611_013143.jpg

    and I get this error:


    again when I loaded firmware I was able to connect and now I am unable to. I am really so far disappointed in the duet wifi as it cost about half the cost of my printer and so far has not been enjoyable to use.

    thanks for any help.

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    Are you sure you are entering the correct IP address in the browser? Send M552 from USB (or from PanelDue if you have one) to confirm that the Duet is connected to your router and report its IP address.

  • Okay, well it is connecting; I do get an IP, but the connection only lasts for 5 to 10 minutes before it disconnects, this will not work unless I plan to only print calibration cubes. Why would this be happening?

    Here is my config.g:

    ; Network
    M550 PBob 1 ; Set machine name
    M552 S0
    M587 S"Network_Name" P"Password"
    M552 S1

    Here is my current firmware:


    Here is an error I get after 5 or so mins:


    I have been seeing a lot of people who have issues with the firmware. I may try an change that to 1.19

    any other help with this would be great.


  • yet another error to add to the list:


  • installed firmware 2.0 and still get constant disconnects. What am I doing wrong?

  • Lots of reasons for Wifi issues (signal strength, interference, incompatible router, etc), but rest assured that you do not need to stay connected for the duration of the print, as the g-code resides on the SD card of the Duet. So no reason not to be able to print long prints.

  • Hey all,

    Not sure what happened, but I have not had a disconnect in a few hours, so maybe the new firmware is doing its job. If I find anything out I will report back to this thread.


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