Unable to maintain target temperature with big nozzle

  • I have tuned the PID to 280°C of my volcano hotend with 1.2mm nozzle and 24v 40W heater cartridge.
    Now I want to print at 40mm/s 260°C but the hot end is unable to maintain the target temperature because of high flow of plastic. (layer fans are Off)

    Is there any work around ?

  • administrators

    I've never used a Volcano, but here are some suggestions:

    1. Use a silicone sock on the heater block.

    2. Turn the PSU voltage up a little (maximum recommended for a Duet is 25V).

    3. Get a 50W or 60W heater cartridge.

    4. Use the lowest M307 dead time setting that doesn't cause temperature oscillations. That will help the PID react faster to changes in flow rate.

  • @dc42

    1. Using the sock
    2. I will try
    3. ordered a 50W cartridge, never seen a 60W can you point me to a shop please ?
    4. lowest value I can use is D3 for the dead time

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