Problem conecting duet 2wifi

  • Hi there!!
    I bought the duet wifi2 and i had some problems updating the new firmware to 1.21 and suddenly i found out that i couldn´t conect to the board anymore....after several trying i gave up and and formated the sd card....and try to start from the beginning, but i realized that there were some folders on that card at first place, how can i start again now ? i tried using Yat as i did before but is telling me that yes, is conected to wifi, and is giving me the ip that the wifi router gives to the duet but is not conecting. can someone help please? is making me go crazy

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    @ander, when you enter the IP address of the Duet into your browser address bar, what message does the browser return?

    Which firmware version was running on your Duet before you upgraded it to 1.21?

  • @dc42 , i already put it to work, i found the files i was looking for and already updated to 1.21 thanks 😉

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