Cancel part of a print (that legendary feature)

  • Hi,

    Just heard of this plugin for octoprint (Thanks "CNC Kitchen" on Youtube), this is really the kind of feature that should be implemented in Firmware+DWC

    "This plugin allows the user cancel single objects (or groups of objects) during a print while allowing the remaining objects to print normally. Currently, this functionality is limited to gcode sliced with Simplify3D using a unique process for each object (or group of objects). Regular expression settings will allow this to be used with other slicers if/when they include object-specific comments in gcode."

  • @hergonoway I got the same link from CNC Kitchen in my Clpboard and wanted to share this Idea here. 🤣
    The Webcam could be integrated as before via a external ID but i'am not shure if the Duet Boards could handle a realtime analyse of this to check for lose parts.
    But it could cut out the sections of a loose Object and dissable it via the Interface but with manual interaction.

  • Available the last 2 years in repetier server

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