Would this work?

  • Hello everyone,

    I came up with an idea that would automatically keep my stepper motors cool, and I want to see if it would work before I put any effort into it.

    I currently have heatsinks and fans on my stepper motors. They work great, but the fans are on when there is no need to have them on. So I came up with the idea of having the DuetWifi control the fans when the motors got above a set temperature. Just like the hotend fan. I would have thermistors on each motor, and a fan that is linked to each thermistor. That way if a motor started to get warm, the cooling fan would kick in. Plus it would allow me to see if a motor is getting to hot since the temperature would be displayed on the web control.

    I would not be buying a Duex2 or Duex5 for this since I don't have the need for the additional stepper drivers and/or the heater MOSFETS. I would using the Duex5 schematic as a reference for designing my own board. I would use all the exact same parts as the Duex5, just without the extras I don't need.

    So I am asking all the Duet gurus... Could I use the Duet to monitor some thermistors and control some fans to keep my stepper motors cool without having the fans on all the time?



    P.S. One option I did start on, is making a circuit using a comparator that would turn on a fan when the temperature went above a set level. I would do this idea if the Duet idea would not work.

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    Yes the Duet can do it. You can configure virtual heaters that use the extra thermistor inputs, and have them control the extra fans thermostatically.

  • Wonderful, thank you

  • If you want something much simpler, just wire a KSD9700 thermostatic switch (NO, normally-open) in series with your fan, and attach / glue / zip-tie it to you stepper housing.
    Cheap, simple, easily removable, and does not require any active electronics.

  • @resam

    Thank you for the suggestion, but I want to use active electronics. I want to have the ability to adjust what temperature the fans turn on.

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