External G-Code control

  • I want to discuss how an external process like data from an Arduino can send and receive G-Code to Duet best. Examples are new sensors to control printing behavior (pause e.g.), timers to turn on /off LEDs at specified times, coordination of multiple printers by timing g-code execution etc.

    I see two possible solutions: executing DWC commands through the Ajax JavaScript in the command window or cloning this behavior. Or inserting the hardware into the SPI wire of the PanelDue and executing the G-Code the way PanelDue does it.

    Are those methods ok and are there other possibilities?

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    The firmware can accept commands received via USB, the Panel Due serial port, http and Telnet. So take your pick. If you don't have a Panel Due connected, sending commands through the Panel Due port is probably easiest. The signal level is 3.3V and the protocol is standard 8-bit asynchronous without flow control. The default baud rate is 57600.

  • Thanks a lot David, so there are some options.

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