6-Sphere vs 3-Sphere Effector & Duet Geometry

  • When it comes to delta printers with magnetic rods , does the Duet firmware (or the firmware it uses as its basis) presupposes a 6-Sphere effector geometry?

    I'm asking this because I'm wondering whether the use of a 3-sphere effector (like the one used, for example, by SpiderBot) might negatively impact the possibility of getting a good overall calibration of the printer.

    To better explain my thoughts on this, here's one example:

    Connecting the 6 magnetic rods to a 3-sphere effector generates a different angle between the rods and the effector than the angle created by connecting the same rods to a 6-sphere effector.

    This different angle, in turn, means the 'delta radius' is also different in the 2 cases, and since this is a fundamental parameter in the machine's calibration, I'm worried that a presupposition about a 6-sphere effector in the firmware would lead to calibration difficulties when using a 3-sphere effector.

    Or perhaps the difference is so negligible that it wouldn't be noticed?

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    The firmware doesn't care whether you have 3 spheres or 6, as long as the rods are parallel.

  • Awesome! Thanks @dc42!


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