DUET3D rotary delta --> motor problems ?

  • Hi to all.
    Am setting one rotary based delta robot with duet3d ( Ethernet ) board. Really good board with great web interface.
    As test am using delta firmware from duet3d, but we are planning to add our rotary firmware ( maybe duet will release support in few months ? )

    The delta robot that we are testing looks like this:

    Motors --> NEMA 23 double axis, 3A ( 23HS8630 ) , green/black , red/blue
    Smaller arm length --> 30 cm , weight 80 gramms
    Longer arm length -->100 cm , weight 60 gramms
    Full weight of head and arms --> 1,5 kg
    Power supply for motors --> 24V / 5 A

    Power for motors limited to --> 2 A
    Microstepping --> x16 ( interlaced )
    Delta radius --> 200 mm
    Steps per mm --> 80

    I dont know if this is the problem regarding rotary setup or is this something else but it looks like that motors dont have enough power to lift robots arms.
    NEMA23 motors should be able to lift this without problem ( even if there is no belt or lead screw ).

    I made few tests and result is different every time.
    E.g. if i dismantle all longer rods to reduce the weight i can see movement but the movement is not the same every time.
    As soon i add smaller weight, one of the arms "breaks down"...

    This is the video without load ( 45 grams )

    With small load ( 150 grams )

    Is this a problem with my configuration settings or just problem with rotary setup ? I found it hard to believe that nema23 can not lift cca 300 grams without belt or screw lead...


  • administrators

    @arnix what are the stepper motor currents set to? Also what Nema23s are you using.


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