TMC2660 breakout for duetwifi

  • Hi!

    I want to drive 3 z-stepper motors with my duetwifi. I need one more driver. The Deux2 is far too expensive for this task. Is there a TMC2660 breakout?

  • There is a breakout, though it should be noted it is quite expensive, compared to other stepper drivers

    How well this will work with the Duet, is unknown to me.

    I know about this one for a project I am starting, where the client said their steppers needs to be as quiet as my printer with the DuetWifi in (other drivers with similar features may be quiet enough, butthey want to be sure it is quiet).

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  • Ty Jacotheron, its hard for me to tell,how to connect the SPI pins i have to connect.

    SPIO_MOSI -> SDI (4)
    SPIO_MISI -> SDO (3)
    SPIO_SCK -> SCK (5)
    GND -> CLK16(9)
    5V -> VCC_IO(1)

    E2_EN -> DRV_ENN (8)
    E2_STEP -> STEP (18)
    E2_DIR -> DIR (19)
    E2_STOP -> ?

    Did I forgot something?

  • @dc42 said in Stepper Slaving:

    Yes current is set using SPI. In theory you could connect the SPI terminals of external TMC2660 boards to the Duet expansion bus, but I have never done it. You would need to be careful to get good signal integrity because the SPI clock speed is 2MHz and any signal errors could have dire consequences. The TMC2660 boards would need to use 0.051 ohm sense resistors to get the correct current setting.

    You would also have to modify the firmware to tell it that the drivers connected to the expansion bus are TMC2660s, because unless it detects a DueX2 or DueX5, it will assume that they are dumb step/dir/enable drivers.

    Btw the DueX5 is designed so that it can be mounted back-to-back with a Duet to save space. Although most users seem to mount them side-by-side.

    Okay, f this. I will buy the Deux2, but it will be the last duet3d product I buy.

  • Jodu

    I know there expensive but they are worth it but you may want to consider future expandability cos the Duex5 is not much more money than the 2 and that would give you capability of going multi extrusion in the future another option is to link the 3 lead screws together via a closed loop belt and only have 1 motor.

  • administrators

    @joduwei you can use a variety of external stepper drivers if you need one more axis. I get that for just one more driver you do not want to buy a Duex2 or 5. I would plan to use the same drivers on all 3 X motors but maybe you can use an alternative on one of your extruder axis? An example could be a stepstick style driver board that is low cost. Something like
    (there are many many options of stepsticks)

    You don't benefit from being able to set the current a microsteps though gcode commands like you do if you use a Duex2. The Duet needs to know what external drivers its talking to which is why the firmware looks for a Duex2 or Duex5 and if it does not find one it defaults to "dump" step/dir/enable external drivers.

  • You could slave one of the other (extruder) drivers to the z, if you don’t use dual extrusion, that should work as well.


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