Problem with Panel Due (blank screen) order #2803

  • Good morning,
    When I connect my PanelDue to my Duet3d Wifi, it only displays a blank screen (except for a few barely visible vertical lines).
    After firmware update, the problem persists, and my screen is apparently down...
    What can you do to help me, or to exchange defective equipment (in my opinion)
    Sincerely: Florent MARULAZ

  • administrators

    @florentmarulaz hi Florent, thanks for the post. Did this happen from the first time you plugged it in? Can you try powering the PanelDue, with the screen plugged into it, from the USB port.



  • Hello Tony,
    First of all, thank you for answering me so quickly.
    Then, indeed, this problem appeared as of the first connection, via USB.
    I thought at the time (in February) that it was due to a too weak power supply through the USB port.
    I postponed the insatallation of the Duet and the PaneDue until later; because I was too busy at the beginning of the year.
    I restarted my 3d printer project with DuetWifi this week. And there, by connecting the PanelDue: blank screen.
    I updated the firmware by scrupulously respecting the procedures(PanelDue-5.0i-7.0i.bin) and the problem remains whole, in USB or on the DuetWifi card...
    So I'm at a dead end...
    Sincerely: Florent

  • administrators

    @florentmarulaz this is with the Duet powered by 12V/24V ? If so then I think we need to replace this under warranty. I will send you an email as you bought it directly from us.

  • My Duet is 24v powered..
    Thank's for your help !



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