Changing some of the web ui's defaults

  • Hi, I would like to change some of the options, eg set the bed to 90 or 110C when I like to set 100C. Or remove some of the high speed extraction/retraction settings as the stepper skips. Is this possible?

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    So the temperature settings are quick to change:

    The extrusion speed options are hard coded in - so you need to edit the DWC code and recompile it to make the changes. This might be something that we can make user configurable in future versions of DWC.In the mean time if there is a particular speed&distance combo you want you could consider using two macros

  • Thanks I will have a play when the present 6hr print has finished. The temps is the biggest want to customise as the delay in getting to say 245C and 100C, is considerable. So being able to alter them, and then set them day to day and go off for a 5 odd minutes to do something else but be there when the print actually starts is a big plus as that is the most likely point of losing a print for me.

  • For the extrusion speeds only the 2 slowest will feed without the stepper missing, so I really just want to remove them to make the web ui more usable for the rest of the family, but its no biggee.

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