Quick Z height tuning question

  • Hello,

    I am running the 1.17RC1 firmware and have pretty good numbers while doing the auto calibrate and grid commands G29. I need to fix my Z height though and something is stumping me. Here are my offsets in config.g and similar config-override

    M665 L270.000 R144.550 H317.870 B100.0 X-0.011 Y-0.301 Z0.000
    M666 X0.262 Y0.107 Z-0.368 A0.00 B0.00
    G31 X0 Y0 Z19.4 P500

    G31 X0 Y0

    When i go to print it is too close to the bed (although level). When I do the paper grip test it does seem like it is off around the .368 offset of M666. I try to manually zero Z with G92 and as soon as it homes it is off again.

    Which M/G command is incorrect? How should I tune for Z being a bit too low? Is there a manual way to zero Z that saves into config.g? I tried to set it in M665 and zero out M666 Z, but ends up being too low. Any pointers are greatly appreciated!


  • You should not home after using G92 to adjust the Z height, it will cancel your adjustment. I believe what you need to do is to adjust the z-probe z offset from the nozzle.

  • Indeed you do adjust the Z param in the G31 method I use is to jog to paper test in the centre of the bed

    do G92 Z0
    Lift the nozzle 5 mm or so
    do G30 S-1 (note the -1) this will probe the bed
    read of the Z height in the DWC or Panel Due

    use that value in the G31 line of Config.g (You can then fine tune it with experimentation)



    DC will be along soon enough to add to this?

  • Thanks Jackal and Dougal1957 that was it.

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