Houston.... We have a problem... Think a big problem...

  • Hi,

    As I mentioned in previous post, I have reinstalled the Ir Height Sensor, and after the initial tests, today I made the final installation .... But something has happened, and I do not know what it is, although it has VERY BAD appearance .

    After installing the IR Height Sensor, I have found the Offset in Z to put it in config.g, once this is done, I have given it to calibrate.

    1 - The printer has made Homing.
    2- The head has gone to the first point and pointed ... but the first thing is strange, the one light on the IR Height Sensor repeatedly flashed and after a while it stopped blinking.
    3- Duet have measured the first calibration point
    4- On the way to the second point, the light has blinked repeatedly, when it has reached the second point ... the light was still blinking, and it has NOT measured it, indicating that it was already triggered. With the third point the same has NOT taken it.
    5- The fourth point if you have taken it ... and the next two do not ... there is ... that has been the moment I have seen smoke coming out of the board, and I have disconnected the printer from the current.
    6- I have restarted ... but I no longer answered, neither for the DWC nor for the Due Panel ...

    What I can do?

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    @peirof sounds like there is as short, possibly between the heater block and the IR probe, or in the wiring loom. How was the IR probe mounted. Did you see:

    Very important! Check that there is no possibility of the board shorting against anything (e.g. the printer frame or the nozzle heating block), even if the head moves outside the normal printing range. Note that the heater block on E3Dv6 and similar hot ends is liable to rotate about the heat break!

    where was the smoke coming from?

    What response do you get with the Duet not connected to anything but USB?

  • @t3p3tony I can not say for sure ... But I think it came from the Mini Ir sensor ... How can I check if it's a short ... The fan of the plate works and there are two lights on the Duet board lit

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    @peirof start with this:

    What response do you get with the Duet not connected to anything but USB?

  • i have try to connect by Usb, with Duet power off... and a light turn on in Duet... but do not appear in device manager....

    after i power on Duet, but the same....

    Orders (home) sended by panel Due, have NO response...

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    @peirof just checking, at this point you have unplugged everything else including the IR sensor from the Duet?

  • all?

    Motors, endstops, bed, panel Due...(all). ????

    no, only Ir Sensor.

    I have to unplug all?

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    @peirof yes please.

  • Hi,

    test do it.... but the same, whe conect usb from Pc to Duet, a light in Duet goes on....

    After instaled drivers, and run YAT, dont reconice conexion in COM ports....

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    @peirof when you plug it in on USB which LEDs come on? the 5V and 3.3V , just the USB LED?

    Also please check your wiring to see if there is a short between the heater cartridge and the heater block.

  • hi,

    i think LED ON, are +5V and Micro USB



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    @peirof sounds like the 3.3V regulator is blown or there is some other damage that is shorting 3.3V to ground. Where are you located as the next step is probably to replace the 3.3V regulator.

  • Hi....

    Instructions for replace voltage regulator....

    What model I have to search?

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    @peirof can you send a picture of the regulator
    alt text
    It might be obvious it has damage.

    The 3.3V regulator is a TC2117-3.3VDBTR however it is not guaranteed that replacing this will fix the fault as it may not be the only thing that was damaged by (presumably) VIN voltage on the 3.3V bus. You need the right tools to desolder the old regulator - best to use a hot air rework station.

  • I will try... Nothing to loose

  • Hi,

    New Duet, with winter "... its comming...", before start mounting....

    There is some system for check what produced the shorting? (if i know what its wrong i can fix.... if not sure, i can repeat the shorting, and.... dont like this...)
    What care i need to have with the new instalation?

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    The type of short that causes the 3.3V power fail to fail is a short between either +3.3V or +5V and a heater, fan or motor wire. If you are using a BLTouch then a short between the servo control wire and a heater, fan or motor wire would have the same effect.

    If your fans are running from VIN voltage (not 5V) then usually the only 3.3V or 5V connections you will have will be the power feed to the Z probe, and the power feed to the endstop switches if you are using 3-wire endstops.

    Of these, the 3.3V feed to the Z probe is most at risk because the Z probe is usually near to the hot end heater and fans.

    If you are using the IR sensor and you have mounted it in front of the heater block then a particular risk is that the heater block will rotate and the back of the sensor will touch the heater block. If you also have a short between a heater wire and the heater block (possibly inside the heater cartridge, and possibly only when it is hot) then that will cause a short between a heater wire and the back of the sensor. That's why the IR sensor instructions advise putting multiple layers of Kapton tape on the back of the board.

    It's not clear whether static charge build-up on the hot end and subsequent arcing contributes to board failures. Grounding the hot end metalwork will prevent the build up of charge. If you don't have a suitable ground connection at the hot end then you could connect a 1Mohm resistor between the hot end metalwork and any one of the connections to the hot end except for the temperature sensor connections.

    HTH David

  • Hi,


    Today has arrived Duet 2... and i start to configure, i have follow the guide and without problems i have setup network...

    i decided

    I have taken the micro SD card in the old DUET, damaged, and pass it to the new one because I already had the macros and the configuration of the printer ...

    As I am still configuring it, I access it with a PC, yat and once the WiFi connection is configured, with the browser.

    ONLY THE 3.3V LIGHT HAS BEEN TURNED ON, BY QUICKLY TELLING I HAVE DISCONNECTED FROM THE USB, 10 s, enough for the new DUET 2 board, with the old memory card, to take a LOT OF TEMPERATURE.

    I put the micro SD card that brought the DUET 2 board and connected it to see if it had caused damage, apparently it has not caused, at least I can access the DWC of the new board.

    This has made me think, maybe the old Duet was not burned, it was a problem with something that has the micro SD, so I tried to connect the old DUET, DUET 1, without SD card .... and ... THE LIGHTS ARE TURNED ON, what happens is that it does not appear in the Windows device manager.


    • The old DUET, IF that is damaged, but NOT as we thought, because without the micro SD card all the lights of the plate are lit.
    • What has caused damage, is some configuration in the MICRO SD .... but what?


    I would like you to help me discover what is BAD, VERY BAD, in the SD, to avoid it.


    Lighting all the lights .... it is almost certain that the 3.3V regulator is a TC2117-3.3VDBTR its not the problem, its not damaged. No?

  • Buff....

    More problems.... and now, i cant conect with NEW DUET... i have reset board, and apears a COM10 in windows, conect with YAT, and send a M115, but nothing... don't respond nothing... i have try M522 and.... Nothing

    solved* i reflash firmware with SAM-BA, and now can access with YAT

    What can do... with NEW DUET and OLD

  • Hi...

    last tests... i have try to read Micro SD card on the damaged Duet WiFi, and i can't read from PC/Android...

    Can be the cause of problems? The corrupted Micro SD?

    And... Why? How?

    If i send you damaged Duet and the suspicious SD, can you see what is the cause and if it has a solution?

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