Head Movement on a delta not working as expected

  • I'm using a Duet to upgrade an old Kossel Air delta that has no autoleveling, so I'm trying to manually calibrate it. But the movement buttons in DWC don't seem to behave like I remember.

    In the machine control tab on DWC, there are buttons marked for 'Head Movement', but the motion they incur is in the corresponding tower. That is, if I click the Z+5 button, the Z carriage moves 5mm, resulting in a new head position that modifies the Y and Z positions (say, to [0, 6.16, 6.81] from [0, 0, 5]).

    This makes calibration painful when I actually want the buttons to adjust the head position, and move all the axes to move together in a coordinated way. I have to manually type Z0.5, Z0.4, Z0.3, ... then Z0.2, Z0.22, Z0.24, etc. I know that autocalibration removes this work, but I also had no need to recalibrate this particular machine for 2 yrs, once I got it calibrated, and the small printable area doesn't leave much space for off-the-shelf autocalibration options.

    Is this a recent regression / intentional change / something else? Is there some way to have a button cause the motion I want (outside of writing a macro for the motions)?

    Thanks. Running firmware 2.01beta1(RTOS) (2018-06-23b1) and DWC 1.21.2-b1.

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    Yes it's a regression in DWC 1.21.2b1. Please upgrade to 1.21.2b2.

  • @dc42

    Thanks DC.

    I see the tag on chrishamm's repo, but no downloadable release there, or on https://github.com/dc42/RepRapFirmware/releases - is this available for direct download somewhere?

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