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  • I would like to field suggestions for the best way to currently get video monitoring into a 3D printer. I realize there are many ways to approach this. At the moment I have a giant old Samsung tablet doing it. But mounting is a major pain. I have considered an old used Android phone, but there seem to so many different devices and widgets now with cameras and WiFi in them I thought I might see what opinions are. I'm not totally averse to dipping my toe in the Raspberry Pi universe, but the Duet does most of the things people seem to be adding Pi's to on other platforms.

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    @3dmntbighker I managed to get hold of a cheap IP cam like this:

    it was on a sale so probably not always cheaper than repurposing an old android phone running IP cam software.

  • @t3p3tony I was thinking about something small and light you can mount on the end of a flexible gooseneck.

    Maybe like this, with a 3D printed enclosure and a flex mount.

  • Kind of like this?


    Raspberry Pi Zero W and camera module case running MotionOS.

  • I am actually, in another thread here (, working to use a RaspberryPi Zero W with a camera to do the following for me:

    • Secured Proxy Server for the Duet Web Control^
    • Camera for remote print monitoring, embedded into the Duet Web Control

    Both of these features are nice to have, though the Proxy will probably at some point become important.

    ^ The Duet simply does not and, according to the developers, will not encrypt the web control traffic. Many browsers are starting to complain about this, and in the future may even refuse entering a password on an unsecured website - even if that website is locally.

    I plan to write an article explaining in detail how to do it.

    My motivation for using a RaspberryPi Zero W is: It have its own Wifi, it is very small and low powered (mine is running directly from the 5V on the DuetWifi) and light weight, it runs Linux (can run software like Nginx for the proxy, RPi_Cam_Web_Interface for handling the camera and OpenSSL to secure it all) and it is quite cheap.

    I have been running my setup for a few days and I can upload and monitor everything (though it should be noted that upload speeds are reduced, almost 50% of what I used to get).

  • Excellent, I won't waste any time looking elsewhere. This looks like it will suite my needs and I agree about https/proxy. Of course it's a bit silly, since the only way into my network is either VPN or being on my network. But given the direction web security is going I think Duet rev 3 should probably have an FPU coprocessor for SSL. The Pi is a good stop gap. They should have a native SSL solution.

  • Ordered my Pi Zero W camera setup parts 🙂

  • I also agree the new version should have native SSL, but for everyone else a good and relatively easy guide and a Pi Zero W (which only cost a few bucks) will work.

    I have now written a guide for the Proxy part, the camera section will come slightly later, but it is really simple to install (only real requirement is to run it on a different port than the proxy - I had issues when they were on the same port).

    Any further advice, questions etc can be posted to the instructable or my other thread here, linked to above. I will try to help anyone, but usually a Google Search can also help (in essence my guide is simply a compilation of information found on a whole lot of websites, added in a logical order for this specific task).


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