constant halt during printing

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    I have been printing a year now with no trouble. Now the last 5 prints have all failed due to halt. no information reported as to a cause. temps are perfect. duet ethernet handles logic only. all external drive ssr hot end and bed, plus back of duet board has a fan. I went through a tough time getting started last year with many people blaming my setup. after 2 months and even a web cam support from dc42 it was found out firmware was the problem. I want to start this post off correct and look only at firmware and how to remove competely halt/emergency from my firmware. I use a seperate watch dog for temps and motor current called charge pump. I lose no protection with this change. how do I remove halt responce from board?

  • It would help to start with what firmware versions you're using.
    Also please post the results of an M122 diagnostic immediately after a halt has occurred.
    Does halt mean the printer just stops, or does it reset itself?

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    M122 command show no error of any kind. 1.19.2 on duet ethernet. all status leds are proper no indication of any type. system 100 % isolated twisted leads with magnetic shielding and no usb or ground loop. It might be a web interface problem. it happens when interface is open.

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    @phaedrux halt means print stops and I don't no how to resume. no option to resume. board does not reset. there is no tab to resume only pause and cancel, but neither tab responds. It records height and time but no way I can see to resume. Also no report or reason provided for the halt.

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    The problem you describe is a known issue for some older firmware versions when using high microstepping (too high for the firmware to manage). So if you are using high microstepping, reduce it to x16 with interpolation in your M350 command, or upgrade the firmware.

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    I am using 16x. So that problem cleared up by itself. Now firmware refuses to respect the z probe offset. I have to g92 it manually. no consistency. I'm not writing in config.g or any files and things are acting up. too many inconsistency to mention. So how many bugs can I expect if I get new firmware?


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