Can't save config.g file

  • I'm trying to make some changes to the config.g file on my Duetwifi. I'm just getting started here so I may just be doing something wrong. When I try to edit the file is get and error that says it can't save the file. If I have Pronterface connected, it says "Error: Upload finished in state 6". I can't seem to find anything telling me what that means in the forum.

    I've also had trouble updating the firmware. When I install it is asks if I want to install it but when I click yes, nothing happens and the version does not change. When I upload the server file it says it can't update the Wifi server update file.

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    Which browser are you using?

  • chrome

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    Perhaps the SD card could is faulty or corrupted? Try replacing or reformatting it.

  • I picked up a new card today so I could get the adapter and plug it into my computer. I'm able to save to the card now. Thanks.

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