Duet wifi on Eduroam

  • Our ICT department won't give me the ssid and password of the wifi router. They want to know who is on the network using the employees login account. It is Eduroam what is used over here at our school. Is there an other way to connect a duet wifi to the system. Must be more people out there who want to connect there duet wifi to Eduroam.

  • administrators

    Currently there is no facility for the Duert WiFi to connect to a network that requires a separate login and password.

    You could run the Duet in access point mode and connect to it directly from wireless clients such as laptops and smartphones.

  • This would probably be against the network policy but I wonder if you could connect to the network on a laptop and then with a seperate usb wifi adapter create an access point in wireless bridge mode, essentially creating your own router. I may or may not have done something similar at some point. 😉

    But always best to abide by the network policy.

  • @phaedrux
    I used an old wifi router that I had laying around at home. It worked fine with the Duet, but then many colleagues began to complain about the bad wifi. It was my router so I had to turn it down.
    I don't know what will happen if I turn the duet into access point mode but I will try. I assume a duet as an access point will cause the same problems? The duet acts like a wifi-router?

  • @leonknook The router you were using may have been stepping on the local wireless channel. Switching to another channel and lowering the antennae power might have been enough.

    In access point mode the duet will put out a relatively weak signal compared to a full wifi router. It shouldn't cause any issues. It can be difficult for the Duet to pick up a wireless signal from a router outside the same room as it, so I think you'll be alright.


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