• I got my new DuetWiFi A couple of days ago And I am getting an errorWhen I tried at home
    Error: G0/G1: insufficient axes homed
    Error: Pop(): stack underflow! New Error
    Any help would be appreciated Thanks

  • What does you home gcodes consist off because you need to add some parameters when you want to move axis before they are homed.
    If you want to move a axis before homing you need to add S2 to the move G1.

    ; Lift Z
    G1 Z10 F6000 S2

  • ........or add M564 H0 to config.g to alow axes movement before homing has been carried out.

  • Reprap firmware has protection in place to prevent you from crashing your printer in the form of a homing requirement. You can either home your printer or disable the homing requirement. In order to disable the homing requirement for your printer you can enter the command M564 H0 as stated by @deckingman.


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