How fixed Ip?

  • Hi,

    i d'like setup DUET WiFi, with the same IP ever.... that don't change....
    I include this in config.g

    ; Wireless
    M552 S0 ;Apagar el modulo WiFi
    M587 S"Ext_DIR869L-2,4" P"xxxxxxxx" ;Establecer la conexion el Router de la P1
    M552 P192.168.1.20 ;Forzar la Ip a, sera la url del DWI
    M552 S1 ;Encender el modulo WiFi

    But... the DWC IP, its other, Duet does what he wants ...

    What do I have to do to always have the same IP?

    The chosen IP,, is outside the DHCP assignment range of the router

  • On a DuetWifi, the Wifi settings and configuration are stored on the ESP module that handles the connection. So we run the M587 command only once, and it should contain everything needed for that Wifi network.

    For full details on the M587 command, view the Gcode Wiki Page (

    In short, you will first (if your current network is remembered) need to send the command to forget it (M588 S"<SSID>"). This may disconnect your printer from the current network (so have a way to send the M587 command, or you will need to add it to your config.g file before sending the forget).

    Now you can run the M587 command, which in its full version looks like this:
    M587 S"<SSID>" P"<password>" I<StaticIP> J<GatewayIP> K<SubNetMask>

    After running this command, you can use the "M552 S1" to enable the Wifi Module, and if it finds the network, it will connect to it and as long as the static IP is available, will use it (otherwise it may fail to connect).

    This command is only to be run once, as having the password stored in Plain Text on the microSD card is a security risk, and the wifi module will remember it for us.

    The M552 commands you used, is specifically for the Duet Ethernet, which does not have the extra Wifi Module that can remember the settings (so the main processor should handle that setup and communication). For details on the M552 command, see

  • when i run the M587 command, the flags are mandatoty ir optional?

  • For M587, the SSID and passwords are required. The rest are, as I understand, optional. The Gateway IP, is usually your router, and is (as I understand), only used to determine the time. The Sub Net Mask is in a similar format like the IP address, but depending on your local network it is slightly changed. The basic/standard Masks are:

    If your network start with 192.168.X.Y (X and Y can be anything from 0 to 255), your net mask usually is (basically the first 3 needs to be exactly the same).

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