Multiple heater per tool

  • Hello!

    I would like to talk about how best to assign several heaters to one tool. I want to create heating zones of different temperatures on a single tool.

    Currently I solve this with a second or even third "dummy" tool by assigning it another "standby" temperature.

    I would like to talk to you about how you handled this.

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    This is already supported by RepRapFirmware. Example:

    M563 P0 D0 H1:2 ; tool 0 uses extruder 0 and heaters 1 and 2
    G10 P0 S200:220 ; set tool 0 heater active temperatures to 200C and 220C
    T0 ; activate tool 0

  • First:
    thank you guys' help, our old solar panel hot water system works for us now and for two weeks we only turned on electric once. It is not bad. The water heater (80gallons) can be very hot, greater than 180F if you want.

    Winter is now coming. This year will be the first year for us to pay heating bill becaues we just owned a house. We are neverous. A 1600ft ranch only has one zone (oil, in MA). We are thinking about split it into four zones.

    Can you guys give us some education about this? how to do it (does not neccessary means I am going to do it by myself)? how much cost it may be? or give us some links we can learn from there.


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    @johhnyalter bit off topic!

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    @johhnyalter Simply run a large printer in each zone, heating problem solved. 😜

  • Could be done. Assuming it's a wet system with radiators, you'd need to re-do the plumbing to create 4 zones. Each zone controlled by a motorised valve and with it's own thermistor. Create 4 tools for the Duet. Build an interface so that each Duet heater channel controls one of the motorised valves. Write a macro to set the active and standby temperatures for each tool. Bob's your uncle - Duet controlled central heating. ☺

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    Ok apologies - I thought you were joking. you want to run the water heating system and house heating sytem off a Duet? or were you joking?

  • @t3p3tony I thought it was joke, or maybe the OP forgot what forum he was on. My post was certainly a joke - definitely not to be taken seriously☺

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