Sigmax conversion ideas?

  • Wow, so it looks A LOT different around here nowadays (haven't been here since the updates)

    Short and to the point, I have a piece of absolute garbage known as a Sigmax from BCN3D.
    I also have an absolute marvelous piece of technology lying around from one of my retired machines, mhm, yup, a DUET WiFi; and it needs a new home.

    I believe most of my issues with the Sigmax, asides from the grinding, locked up, misaligned Z-axis is firmware issues.
    I would like to do a clean install of a Duet into this thing, however, I am curious about how to maintain a few features. Being that it is IDEX, it uses microswitches on each head to calibrate the heights of the nozzles as well as home z. Furthermore, the built in UI has a pretty nifty system for calibrating the X-axis alignments, z axis offsets per hotend, and Y-axis alignments in regards to each hotend. Also want to be able to maintain the duplication mode printing (most important detail). It also uses 2 x axis endstops (one for each hotend)

    Anyone familiar with this? As the machine currently is in its stock is useless.
    All prints lean the first 5mm, no matter what adjustments are made.
    It's loud
    It's noisy
    Did i Mention it is loud?
    Amongst other issues, it is also the only non Duet machine I own. Oh besides that stupid Delta thing gathering dust in the closet.

    Sorry if I rambled at times, I kind of type as it comes into my head.

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    @zakfarias i don't have any experience of the sigmax but if you want to see if you can keep the features tou like then break them down into steps that releate to individual gcode moves and confirm you can write macros for those. Some of those macros will probably be RepRapFirmware system macros in the end - like homing or tool changes, others will be custom user macros (like determining tool offsets).

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