Calibration deviation threshold

  • My delta printer has been running the SmartEffector and Duet3D for quite some time now. I have noticed an issue with my printer having inconsistent deviation values while calibrating. In fact, sometimes, it's so bad, the value returned was NaN.

    Are there any plans to include a threshold value that can be configured by the end user? Maybe include an option of what to do with "bad" calibrations: either stop the print or re-run the calibration until an acceptable value can be returned.

    I have found that my printer will print quite well when the deviation is below 0.05 (for example, the current print resulted in deviation of 0.006). Instead of pushing the print button and waiting for output, I now start a print and watch for the deviation result. If it's greater than 0.05 (or NaN), I'll stop the print. Would be nice if there were a way for the printer to respond appropriately based on the result of the calibration.

    I did find a post asking a similar question back from 2017 but there were no responses.

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    That's a nice idea, but it really needs to wait until we have conditional GCode so that a calibration failure can be acted on. Meanwhile, have you tried using the multi-touch facility? See the A and S parameters in the M558 command.

  • @dc42 Loud assenting vote here for this feature, er (+1)

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