Nema selection?

  • I have read the Wiki about how to choose type of stepper motor for my Delta printer but I'm not sure what way to go. My plan is to design a larger Delta (1500mm high), I know that the size of the printer doesn't matter so much when choosing motors but the guide carriages will be made of metal instead of plastic so a little bit heavier than ordinary. Printing speed maybe up to 200mm/s.
    My hardware is Duet 2 Wifi and 24v supply. I also want to use 0.9 degree motors.

    I have been looking at these two:

    Motor Type: Bipolar Stepper
    Step Angle: 0.9 deg
    Holding Torque: 46Ncm(
    Rated Current/phase: 2.0A
    Voltage: 2.8V
    Phase Resistance: 1.4ohms
    Inductance: 3.0mH ± 20%(1KHz)

    Manufacturer Part Number: 23HM22-2804S
    Motor Type: Bipolar Stepper
    Step Angle: 0.9 deg
    Holding Torque: 1.26Nm(
    Rated Current/phase: 2.8A
    Voltage: 2.5V
    Phase Resistance: 0.9ohms
    Inductance: 4.5mH ± 20%(1KHz)

    Please give me some advise.


  • I've got the first ones, works like a charm on my 1m delta.

    The real "problem" on a delta is the weight, not stepper motor capabilities. Heavier carriage will engage more inertia, and pendulum effects 🙂 I had at first home made laser cut carriages, had a lot of quality issues (ringing, etc) within speed. Then I've switch to homemade plastic carriage and end rails tensioner, switch to 9mm belt and now it's top perfect.

  • @hergonoway
    Thanks for the input. What type of belts did you have before the 9mm? And what size of pulleys did you end up with?

  • In Recomendation of stepper motors... @MSquared also listed Wantai's 42BYGHM810 which is probably as good as it can get regarding resistance and inductance.

    Motor Type: Bipolar Stepper
    Step Angle: 0.9 deg
    Holding Torque: 42Ncm
    Rated Current/phase: 2.4A
    Voltage: 1.92V
    Phase Resistance: 0.8ohms
    Inductance: 1.8mH
    Length: 48mm

  • @falkia at first I had standard 6mm GT2, I've ended up with 9mm GT2 with 10mm 20teeth pulley

  • @wilriker
    Good spec on that one. Thanks

  • I'm using the 17HM19-2004S motors on my 1.7m tall Delta without issues, I wanted to use linear rails but was unable to source them. Ali express sellers said they had them but they let me down wanting more money and robotdig went out of stock after I ordered. I ended up with 3d printed carriages (the think3d ones) and v tracked delrin wheels. These worked well with the smart effector kit.

    This was the carriage -

  • Thanks everyone. I just ordered a set of 5 42BYGHM810. It was cheaper to buy a set instead of 1x3.

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