Could not establish a connection - Need Help

  • Hey guys,

    I have Duet Wifi with FW 1.21, initially I've had no problems connecting to the Duet board, however after a few weeks or so, My main computer system is having considerable issues connecting, Meaning daily it loses connection and sometimes won't connect at all.

    As an IT professional, I"ve already attempted a couple things to rule out the problem:
    Pings from PC to Duet are fine, no lost packets
    Auto-negotiation on my NIC disabled and set to 1gb
    Most current NIC driver being used
    All firewalls and virus applications disabled
    issue occurs in Chrome and IE
    USB connection works flawlessly

    Sometimes my browser will connect but drop connection within seconds. Other devices on my network are having the same problem with the duet board.

    The Duet Wifi board is literally 8 feet away from my Asus AC1900P router, PC is hardwired via Cat5e and the Duet Wifi is less than 3 months old.

    Connection within CURA normally works without issue

    Can you guys think of anything else that could be causing the problem?

    Error is:
    Could not establish a connection to the Duet firmware! Please check your settings and try again.

  • @tsitalon1 Hello, as a quick check,

    "Run M122 from either the web interface (if you can reconnect) or from USB. In the Network diagnostics, check the WiFi signal strength, also called RSSI. Values in the range -30 to -50 are good, -50 to -60 is OK, -60 to -70 is marginal. Anything below -70 is weak and likely be unreliable. See below for how to improve RSSI."

    I had only 62 and my router about 4 m away!

  • @tsitalon1 If the signal is too weak, I know four solutions:

    • place router nearer
    • use a repeater
    • setup Duet as Access Point, install a second WiFi Adapter in your pc to handle both connections
    • replace ESP on the Duet with a version with external antenna (but you will loose guarantee/warranty, I am sure). I saw a blog about interrupting the internal antenna and soldering an external one, also (but loosing guarantee also...)

  • @joergs5 said in Could not establish a connection - Need Help:


    Unfortunately it's not thee signal strength, here is my RSSI:
    WiFi signal strength -36dBm, reconnections 0, sleep mode modem

    I've tried disabling IPV6 on my PC and the connection is currently more stable, please keep the ideas coming as I continue to test connectivity.

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    Try a differnt wireless channel on your router. There could be congestion on that band, or someone in the area has started using it for their router too. Baby monitors, cordless phones, microwaves can all interfere.

  • It appears my problem was IPV6.

    I have not changed any other configuration, simply unchecked IPV6 in NIC properties and re-enabled my NIC.

    So far hours of connectivity and multiple connections without issue.

    Hope this helps someone, I'll report back if the problem returns

  • administrators

    Thanks for the update.

  • @dc42 said in Could not establish a connection - Need Help:

    Thanks for the update.

    No problem, 6 straight days of connectivity, so it's safe to say that was absolutely the fix 🙂

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