Duex5 endstop input used as output

  • I am a newbie to the Duet world and I am need of some assistance. In the literature for the duex5 it states that the endstop inputs can be used as outputs. I have all 5 of the heater channels on the duex 5 dedicated to 110 volt ssr's used to heat my 6 zone bed. I was hoping to utilize one of the endstop inputs as an output for a bltouch. Can someone please assist me in configuring an input as an ouput for this application?

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    For bltouch control you need a PWM-capable pin, but the endstop pins are not PWM-capable.

    Are you using all 3 heater outputs on the Duet?

  • Thank you for your reply! Yes I am. I have 2 extruder heaters, and 6 zones for my heated bed. 1 x stepper, 2 y's, and 2 z's. I have endstops wired for each stepper. I am not certain (as of yet) how I wish to home z/probe z? Any suggestions? I have the bltouch mounted and configured in the firmware configuration tool file. However, I have not loaded a file yet?? Suggestions????

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    You are running short of PWM-capable outputs, because you are using all 8 heater outputs. The only option I can think of is to use the FAN- pin from one of the controlled fan outputs on the Duet (not the DueX5) for the servo output to the BLTouch, with a 1K pullup resistor between it and +5V.

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