Duet trouble

  • Hi there!!! i bought a duet wifi and the touchscreen this year and it was working really well so far, but suddenly started to fail with the autoleveling(i changed nothing).
    Sometimes the bltouch wasnt activated and the z axis starts to aproximate so i had to stop. after resetting many times it was working fine again until the next failure...kind of crazy. when resetting always does the bltouch checking fine. and now, the pwm output of the extruder fan stopped to work. it is the duet itself that is not sending any signal, the wiring and the fan are fine,some of the fan outputs work fine
    Please,I need to fix this as soon as possible.

  • administrators

    • The first thing to check is that the screws in the VIN terminal block are still tight, because when you suddenly get multiple issues it is often a power problem,.
    • The Z axis issue (if it's not a power problem) could be caused by a bad crimp connection in the Z motor wiring. Or if you have dial Z leadscrews then they may have got out of sync, resulting in binding.
    • Loss of fan PWM and even on/off control usually means that the fan mosfet has failed. The most common cause of failure is a temporary short circuit between the fan output pins.
    • Regarding the BLTouch, I suggest you test whether it still deploys and retracts reliably.

    HTH David

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