Paneldue 7 Inch - only backlight

  • Hello,

    I recently bought a Duet 3D Ethernet board and a 7 inch Paneldue screen from in the Netherlands.

    The Duet board has been successfully integrated in my Creality printer.

    I am afraid i made a wiring error with the Paneldue display however.

    It was working when i got it, i connected it to the board but the screen status indicated " connecting" , i tried changing the baud rate but that did not change anything.

    Then i connected the flat cable on the connector next to it on the Duet Board which after inspection is a SD card output and since then i only get the back light and some vertical lines which disappear after few seconds.

    This was clearly a bad idea and i should have flashed the firmware instead. asked me to contact you directly before i can return the screen to them.

    Can you advice me further please?

    Kind regards,


  • maybe the wrong firmware on the panel electronic? for the wrong Size..

  • administrators

    is there any chance that you may have pressed the Erase button when the display was powered? If so then you will need to reinstall firmware. It's the same as described in section "Testing the board and updating the firmware" at The firmware you need for the 7" integrated version is PanelDue-5.0i-7.0i.bin from

  • Hello,

    Yes there is a chance i pressed this button but i tried re-flashing the firmware and got an error, i am at work so i cannot provide exact details.

    Yes i used this file : PanelDue-5.0i-7.0i.bin

    Can you confirm that if the screen is connected to the SD port it will not destroy the screen?

    I really hope i did not fry some components with this manipulation.

    Thanks in advance,


  • administrators

    You can connect the 10-pin ribbon cable socket on the PanelDue 7i to the CONN_SD port on the Duet using a 10-way straight through ribbon cable, instead of using the 4-way cable and the PanelDue connector.

    Be aware that some USB ports (especially on laptop computers) may not be able to supply enough current for a Duet + 7" PanelDue.

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