Duetwifi+Duex2 Issues

  • Hi,

    I i have been using my Duet Wifi on a delta for a while and recently moved it onto a new project (Voron2). I also had an unused Duex2 laying around which I wired up to the Voron2 as it uses >9000 steppers 🙂
    I am not sure at what point it happened - whether some of the issues were there beforehand, however I am now facing a couple of them.

    1. The fan/led output pins on the duex2 are producing 8.5v instead of 12v as chosen with the jumper. Similarly, choosing VIN with the jumper gives a voltage of ~20.8v (main supply is 24v). For comparison 'Always on fan' pins are getting 24v.

    2. At some point after connecting an inductive probe (PN-08N) I found it to be non-functional...and eventually found it to be fried. Not sure at what point it happened. Interestingly, I think since that time my paneldue has been playing up. The buttons work as intended (eg homing, moving), however i am not getting any temperatures or other info on it.

    All the steppers are working as intended btw.

    Any clue where to start troubleshooting ? I suspect something's fried...just not sure where to start looking. I couldn't see anything obviously fried on the boards...but perhaps I didn't look in the right spots.

    Any help is very much appreciated (got some time while waiting for a new inductive sensor 🙂 ).

    Some closeup pics of the boards (for versions, etc..) are here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/vSRK532aHwkHWrEa6


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    @randomfactoid when taking those test voltages do you have anything else plugged into the Duex2 fan/led outputs?

  • Thanks for replying 🙂
    @T3P3Tony I only had part cooling fan wires plugged in, however those didn't have an actual fan connected. So that's a no🤔

  • Update:

    1. Apparently 8.5v is only on Fan3 terminal. Fan 4-7 is actually just below 12v which is acceptable.

    2. Paneldue issue resolved. Found a bad wire in going from paneldue to the board.

    I guess this can be marked as Resolved 🙂 Unless someone have ideas why only Fan/Led3 is doing that


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    I suspect that the fan 3 mosfet has failed with a gate-drain short.

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