Odrive or other servo-type extruder compatibility/instructions

  • I know that there's been some discussion on here about encoded dc motors but they seem to reference closed loop axis control as opposed to extruders and all of the replies seem to be "you don't want to do that because steppers are cheaper".

    I am more concerned with reducing effector mass than cost, and don't care really about closed loop positioning. Are there any guides or instructions for setting up a Duet Ethernet or Wifi's wiring and configuration for using a servo driver like the Odrive (or some other) for an extruder motor?

    Please resist the temptation to reply with "you don't want to do that", unless you follow it up with "but here's how you could go about it..." 🙂

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    If the servo drive accepts standard step and direction signals then you can drive it from one of the sets of step/direction pins on the expansion connector or the CONN_LCD connector, through level shifters if they need more than 3.3V or more than a few mA.

  • You could use the expansion header breakout board if you want it to look nice: https://www.duet3d.com/DuetAddons/Expansion_Breakout

  • Very cool! Uhm, my brain seems to be having trouble figuring out how that would be configured in firmware though. Would that be an M563 command? What number would you use as D# since the servo pins are repurposed from heaters?

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    The servo pins on the DueX are for hobby RC servos. You wouldn't use them for servo-step controllers, you would use the step and direction signals instead.

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