How many temperature sensors can handle the duet?

  • Hi there!

    Right now I have connected 4 PT100 sensors (with 2 PT100-Adaptors) to my Duet Wifi.
    I want to have another temperature sensor connected. I know 4 PT100s are the maximum but there are 3 free thermistor slots --> 1 for the heated bed and 2 for the nozzle heaters. Can they be used or do they interfere somehow with the PT100s and are blocked? So are 7 temperature sensors the maximum for a Duet without expansion board?


  • administrators

    Yes you can still use the thermistor/PT1000 inputs even if you are also using PT100s.

    You could also connect up to another 4 PT100s, by connecting another 2 PT100 daughter boards to the expansion connector just like a DueX board would - as long as you have no other need for the endstop pins on the expansion connector that will be used as the CS pins for the daughter board(s).

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