Can I use same code on DuetWifiV1.02 and on Duet2 V1.03?

  • I want to have the latest code on both my boards. They are the DuetWifi V1.02, and the newer Duet2 V1.03 as written on the PCB (its a duet wifi as well).

    Attached to these boards respectively are Duex5 V0.8 and Duex5 V0.8a.

    The screens attached are respectively Panel Due v2.0 (attached to the screen), and the PanelDUE 7i.

    Would both these setups be compatible with the latest RepRapFrimware (Release 2.01), DWC, and DuetWifiServer softwares?

  • I want to add custom gcode for the firmwares for both PCBs. So I am worried that in eclipse, I will have to make edits in 2 separate places and build 2 separate .bin files. Is that right?

    Or will I be able to compile one .bin file and upload it to both boards?

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    All versions of the Duet WiFi run the same firmware and use the same configuration data.

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