Adding an additional capacitor for Print Resume

  • Printer Setup

    30W hotend heater
    M906 X800 Y800 Z1200 E1200
    360W Heated Bed
    500W Mean Well power supply

    The issues that I have ran into is that there isn't enough power left to lower the bed (dropping Z) and move the head to the side at power loss.

    Easy solution- Larger power supply.
    Issue- I cant find a power supply to fit the footprint I have assigned to it (no I cant just put a larger one in there)

    Purposed solution- Make a daughter board that slots into the power supply terminals that has a large capacitor to allow for the use of Print Resume. There are three Line and Neutral post on the power supply the plan is to just add the capacitor to one set and and have outputs off the daughter board. The other two sets would just pass through the daughter board.

    Any ideas or thoughts on this? Reasons why it wont work?

  • administrators

    Do you mean "capacitor"?

  • Yes sorry I mean capacitor

  • administrators

    Yes that should work. Or you could use 2 sets of output terminals to power the Duet and the third set to connect the capacitor.

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