Duet wifi to ethernet conversion

  • yes thhanks i'm fine with that Cal....cheers...I'm glad you tried it..

  • @dc42 Hi,

    retry every "x" seconds would be a really good thing.
    As it is now, if you don't gave a paneldue and you lose wifi, you lose all interfaces bar g code down usb=pita...


  • Hi All,
    thank for your help, i'm having a little more success...but if I do lose wifi then i have to reboot to get it back..or use usb..pita.


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    @dorro1971 said in Duet wifi to ethernet conversion:

    Hi All,
    thank for your help, i'm having a little more success...but if I do lose wifi then i have to reboot to get it back..or use usb..pita.


    I assume you don't have a PanelDue. You could attach a push button to a spare endstop switch, then set up a trigger macro to run M552 S1 when it is pressed.

  • Hi,

    yup, that would do it......thank you,...didn't think of that!

    I do have a paneldue but it's the 7 inch version and I haven't built a housing yet..lol

    It's file transfer that really suffers, some of my builds are days long and one hiccup during tranfer means more waiting. I presume i can attach a spi sd card slot?...i'll check the wiki..

    I'm still thinking wired enet though,..I'm handy with smt stuff, it's more a question if where I can get one and how much that would be.

    My printer hardly ever moves and I can use a powerlink ethernet extender rather than my wifi.

    I have it printing now anyway so I'll see how it goes.

    Thank you for the continued support and please exuse my semi rant earlier...lol


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    Have you worked through https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/WiFi_disconnections_and_AJAX_timeout_errors, in particular have you checked what signal strength the WiFi module reports?

    You can use the PanelDue to reconnect by sending M552 S1. You can set up a macro to do this, so that one touch will do it. But of course this won't help much if the main problem is disconnections during file uploads.

    If you are serious about converting to Ethernet, you should email duet3d to enquire about purchasing the Ethernet kit as I suggested in my earlier reply.

    HTH David

  • @dc42 Thank you David...I saw your earlier post after I had posted my response..sorry.

    I will contact duet 3d about an ethernet kit as I am losing the will to live!!!

    Tried many things but no success, my laptop, mobile Phone and even robot vacuum cleaner connect..but not duet...I have removed my original board and have not been able to print anything much...

    At least with repetier behaviour I can use simplify to run it via usb.

    I probably won't go wifi for my other printers..lol

    Thank you for the continued support


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    You can run the Duet via USB too if you want, but you will lose the power of the web interface. Please read the wiki troubleshootimg page on WiFi disconnections if you haven't already.

  • @dc42 ...lol..spent the last four days reading and trying..

    I have another duet wifi that I run from a powerlink wifi...and that's fine..this one however..no!

    After this experience I may quite possibly convert both to ethernet,..I have it set up now on my airwolf axiom and although it's usb it prints quite nicely..

    My printers dont move much and I can use a powerlink ethernet with a pass through mains socket.. no biggie..

    Also means I can still use wifi from pc to local network.

    Many thanks once again.

    P. S.. It does print rather well...


    Replaced the wifi module with ethernet.

    and now it's fantastic!..

    I'm using a powerlink extender and it seems to be fine, So happy to have it figured..

    Thanks once again for all of your help

    I'll be in touch!




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