VPN access?

  • I can reach my PiCam over VPN, but the Duet never quite seems to load the interface completely. My home net is on 192.168, and my VPN assigns 10.1.x. Is this likely a routing issue that for some reason does not affect the PiCam? It seems to initially load, and sometimes I see the bare framework, but the interface never fully loads.

  • I am curious about this. I have devices on my home network that I can't connect to with my phone unless I disable the VPN client in the phone when I try to connect to those devices. Once I have connected, I can turn the VPN client in the phone back on and it works fine. It's my understanding that part of a VPN function to interfere with ISP surveillance capability is to encrypt all traffic between the device running VPN client and the VPN servers, so I suspect the encryption is causing the initial connection problem. I don't understand why it works once I connect and then turn the VPN client back on. Maybe the VPN client preserves existing unencrypted connections.

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