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    I just bought latest versions of Duet Ethernet (fw 2.0) and PanelDuet (fw 1.17). I connected it together via 30cm ribbon cable (and later tried also supplied 4wire cable with same result). PanelDue always shows Connecting on upper right corner, but it shows information from the Duet (temperatures, console etc.), and by pressing STOP on panel, Duet will go to emergency stop. However I am not able to see macros, or contetnt of any SD card.

    BAUD on PanelDue is 57600, and there is no M575 command in config.g as you wrote on different thread.

    I am supplying the board from USB and watching by ethernet. Nothing else is connected.

    Thank you.

  • You probably want to upgrade to the latest PanelDue firmware: 1.21.3
    Does your printer have a separate VIN (ATX) power supply? If so, is it on?

  • I just upgared to latest paneldue FW, now it says Standby, but SDcard and macros are still not accessible (pictures attached). I do not use any external powersource now, I just connected Duet board to USB3.0 (so there should not be any power issue), ethernet and 30cm ribbon cable to PanelDue.

    The board is not yet in the printer, so I cannot home it and I have heater temperature errors. Can this be the problem? Do I have to have NO error to access these files?

    0_1533708131788_SDcard on paneldue.png
    0_1533708143953_sdcard on duet ethernet.png
    2_1533708165851_20180808_075708.jpg 1_1533708165850_20180808_075704.jpg 0_1533708165850_20180808_075657.jpg

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    The current PanelDueFirmware refuses to send commands when the printer is in Standby mode. I suspect this applies to retrieving file lists too. I will fix it in the next release of PanelDueFirmware.

  • Is there a way to "trick" the printer from the Standby mode via PanelDue? So we can use it in mean time. (It is not easy for our corporate environment to use web server every time)

    Thank you

  • I built an UNOFFICIAL release that has the fix if you'd like to try it...

  • Thank you that helped. It is now working.

  • @lordfus said in PanelDue connecting but not fully working:

    Thank you that helped. It is now working.

    Cool. Remember though that @dc42 hasn't approved those changes yet so when he releases his official firmware you should upgrade immediately, assuming he accepts the changes that is.

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