Cooling Part Fan Assignment.

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    @dc42 dc42 ADMINISTRATORS 29 Aug 2017, 02:12
    If you connect your print cooling fans to the Fan0 connector, then the GCode from S3D should control them without you needing to do anything else.

    I seen this in another posting. I may have a damaged mosfet on FAN0, but do not know for sure, it is putting out reasonably the same voltage as FAN 1 & FAN 2. Is there something else I should check? FAN 0 is not outputting anything to the fan. Can FAN2 be set up the same way as FAN0? I know FAN 0 is default, will S3D slicer recognize it the same with Cooling Part Fan set to 0. I believe I read somewhere FAN 1 is setup differently and is always on as a safety feature.

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    If you add parameter F2 to your M563 P0 ... tool definition command, then when the tool is active the fan commands generated by the slicer will control fan 2.

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