can't melt abs, or use "reply"

  • I don' know why reply doesn't work for me. More info on my temp problemn
    . I found a thermocouple and stuck the tip in the hole in the hotend. 342 F and the printer read 220 C. My VOM only measures in F. I messed around with the M305 settings to get the temps measured via thermocouple up to 430 F, 221 C. The extruder worked again, but the abs still was very firm and jammed a lot. Then the thermocouple started reporting temps up to 600 F, and nothing was changing with the DWC display temps, or the actual filiment. How hot does ABS need to be? This is some older filiment and needs to be dried out. Could the water content cool the filiment as it flashes to steam? I'm really confused by this. I think I'm going to get a thermocouple for the printer, unless the PT1000 sensor is better. I have not researched that.
    Any insight will be most welcome. I'll post bed pics in a few minutes, mostly because I'm so pleased with how level it is after adding an aluminum plate under a SeeMeCNC heater and 3mm of boroglass. I cut the round glass myself since I couldn't find 300mm in stock anywhere online and did not want to wait three weeks. If you ever need round glass it is easy with a 15$ circle cutter and emory cloth to smooth the edges. My first attempt was almost perfect.

  • ABS needs higher temps somewhere in the range of 240-260°C (depends on the type)

  • Your thermistor, the wires or the way it is mounted are bad. Never had any temperature issues even with the cheap thermistors.

    Can you post a picture of your hotend?

    At 600F (315C) many things will go bad, so try to avoid that.

  • I actually had my taz 4 burn up because the temp probe came loose and missed the glowing red. heater block. It was totally my fault and not the original hot end.

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