Stepper Motor Driver dm542t With Duet 2 Wifi

  • Hi every one
    I'm looking for 3D Printer Controller and I like Duet 2 Wifi it's will make my life easier than the SD card controller
    My question is can I connect stepper motor Nema 23( with driver DM542T with this controller and how I can Disable the built in Driver

  • administrators

    You can connect up to 7 stepper drivers to the expansion connectors of the Duet. The outputs are 3.3V with limited current capacity, so we recommend you use this to boost the signals to 5 external large stepper drivers.

    You can use the M584 command in the boot-time configuration file to remap axes to your external drivers, and reallocate the spare internal drivers as additional extruders if you wish.


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