And now..... Fans

  • Hi,

    i have a Duet2 board, and until the moment, was working without problems... but this morning fans let turn, none.

    Always on fan, stopped. Heatbreak fan, stopped, layers fan stopped....

    I have check 2 things:

    • I have a PC PSU, 12v, and connect always on fan (12cms) and Heatbreak fan, they are 24v, and two fans turn....
    • i have checked, with multimeter, voltage in always on fan, with Duet2 power on... and only can read aprox 2V...

    Some ideas?

    I have to say, that yesterday... fans works


    P.D.: Rest of Duet works, DWC, homing, moving.... only a strange behavoir, this morning when launch a print work...., Nozzle goes to start point.... and retracts filament, i have checked 2 or 3 times, changing slicer, and always the same.

  • administrators

    If it's just all the fans that don't work, and you have the fan voltage selector jumper in the VIN position:

    • If you have a 1.03 or 1.04 revision Duet, check the blade fuse. We supply a 1A fuse, but if you have a lot of fans or you have fans that take more current than usual, you can replace it with a 2A fuse. It's a "mini blade fuse".

    • If you have an earlier revision Duet, most likely you had a short in one of the fan circuits, and the PCB trace between VIN+ and the VIN pin of the fan voltage selector jumper block has fused. Check it with a multimeter.

  • hi,

    think the fuse is dead... i have checked with continuit.... and there isnt continuity....

    Now.... search a blade fuse 2A in August...

  • Hi,

    Can use a Míni Blade Fuse of 3A? For fans... Or must to be 1A or 2A.

  • administrators

    Yes you can use a 3A fuse, but obviously it won't protect the PCB traces form shorts in the fan wiring as well as a 1A or 2A fuse would. You should find 2A fuses readily available on eBay. The 1A fuses are a little less common.


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