Custom buttons not press-able near top of screen

  • I modified the paneldue firmware a bit to have a new menu with several buttons and some fields that report some firmware values in near real-time. I used AddTextButton for all the buttons. They send custom g-code to the printer. But the buttons that I've added that are at the top of the screen are not press-able. Not sure why. Anybody experienced this before?

  • administrators

    Perhaps your touch calibration is a bit off?

  • Hmmm, I think they were just too close to the top edge of the screen. I adjusted the buttons to be 5 pixels lower and now they're pressable. They were at row1 (as defined elsewhere in the firmware) and I just made it row1+5. row1+1 didn't work. The buttons were 40 pixels big, so I could easily reach there with my finger so not sure what the deal was, but its working now.

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